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An essay paper comprises of multiple chapters and sections. Each chapter carries a different set of information and the writer needs to be experienced enough to meet this requirement.


A dissertation paper is a detailed academic assignment that needs to be submitted at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


A thesis paper is a comprehensive assignment and it has few key chapters. Two of the main chapters of the thesis paper are the literature review and research methodology.

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The Excellence and Symmetry Approach in Public Relations

In the understanding and discussion of public relations practice and theory, one of the most dominant and critical paradigms is excellence theory. However, serious theoretical issues of ethicality, efficacy, reliability, and validity have been faced by this specific dominance.

Although the excellence theory has been critiqued in the past by various scholars, yet still an evocative combination of these rambling critiques has not been produced. One of the most researched co-creational approached in public relations has been the excellence and symmetry theory. Mutual understanding is promoted and conflicts are managed by the symmetry public relations. Both the excellence and symmetric concepts have been perceived as the dominant theories of public relations.

The two-way symmetric model of communication is one of the most preferred models of public relations practice out of the other three models, i.e., two-way asymmetrical, public information and press gentry. According to this model, equality of resources and power must be present among actors of the organization. Secondly, symmetrical communication is not workable in cultures that are high in power-distance and those that prefer hierarchical structure.

One of the most general theories of public relations is the excellence theory. This theory was forwarded by Professor James Gruing. This theory specified how the financial value of the public relations can be calculated, it analyses the conditions through which the organizational environments and the organizations can be made more effective, it also identify how public relations contributes to the effectiveness and management of organizations and how organizations can be made more efficient through effective practice of public relations.

Essay: How to Control Cyberbullying

Sample Essay

The government need to put in place rules and regulation that can be employed to control these vices. The government need to monitor and control the ISP and IM in order to crackdown the perpetrators of cyberbullying and book them. Harsh sentences need to be implemented the perpetrators while the victim needs to be compensated and counselled. In cases where a victim commits suicide, the perpetrator of such acts needs to face a death penalty or life imprisonment depending with existing legal framework in a country (Willard, 2007, pp. 89-100).

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Essay: Islam as a Misrepresented Faith

Sample Essay

Since it is true that, “all the great traditions are saying the same thing in much the same way, despite their surface differences”, it is easy to coexist with each other. They all emphasize on compassion importance. This is what the prophet was out to prophecize for he did not support the differences that occurred between tribes and religions. By use of the religion, the prophet was determined to end all forms of inhumanity but not to force people to believe in his faith. He was not supposed to support an evil despite the person who did it, all were to be treated equally, the Muslims and the non-Muslims. He is in real a prophet of our times as it is in the title.

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