Term Paper on History of Women SPORTS

The evolution that has transpired since the passage of Title IX in 1972 appears to have developed two groups of women leaders in sport. One group has been comprised of women who survived the struggles of the past two decades and continue to work for progress. The second group evolved from the post-Title IX generations. These women have higher expectations because they have had access to more opportunities. Together the two groups have transformed women’s sports through innovative approaches directed toward continued development.

The melding of ideas from both groups has created acclimate of change. One of the foremost changes is the increased recognition of women’s strength in the market­place and their expanded decision-making power. Women are identified by sports specialists as a group to target marketing strategies. The Rocky Mountain News quoted Lisa Kantor, Mizuno USA spokeswoman, as saying, “The women’s market is booming. It really is our biggest growth sector. We feel strongly about women competing in athletics and understand that times are changing and there is a lot of opportunities there”.

The Rocky Mountain News quoted Lisa Kantor, Mizuno USA spokeswoman, as saying, “The women’s market is booming. It really is our biggest growth sector. We feel strongly about women competing in athletics and understand that times are changing and there is a lot of opportunities there”.In the world of sport, women who are former partici­pants make up a group that currently remain involved as spectators. Their interest in sport goes beyond watching traditional professional sports on television.

This evolution has resulted in the planning of a Women’s Sports Channel for television where corporations have been solicited to promote and sponsor women’s sports. The opportunity is an exciting one for those who have the foresight to get involved in the initial stages of development. The passage of time continued development, and increasing interest in corporate sponsorship for women’s sports has created a distinct

Term Paper on Issues with Employee Management

Poor hiring strategy

Employee management begins by satisfying an open position with the high-performing candidate. The organization may have difficulty managing employees deprived of the strong workforce management plan. Often, companies don’t know where to begin with the process of hiring. Also, they do not identify where to begin hiring new candidates or how to attract talent. In the business world, candidates may have struggle accepting their job offers.

One of the main reasons for most candidates’ rejection of job offers is that the hiring process takes also long. Besides that, with inefficient hiring strategies, the organization can strive to promote the best talent. If the best employee is encouraged, the candidate does not need to wait forever for an offer.

Most management terms have the highest turnover rates. It poses an exceptional problem for HR, for example a lack of leadership in the company. To address this issue, the human resource managers ought to communicate with present leaders and create a training plan for new agents as they replace older people. This is a daunting task, but the future of the organization may well base on these proactive measures.

Besides that, strong leadership all over the organization is the basis of employee management. In this way, managers and other employees play a vital role in retaining and developing employees. In the case of inefficient leadership within the organization, employees will not receive any guidance for developing their skills. There will be no employee management without a strong leader.

Staff turnover begins by knowing if a new recruitment company fits well. Human resource managers are trained to find the best candidates for all organizations. A detailed analysis can help human resource managers determine who fits the corporate culture. Employee processes start to reduce employee turnover by spending more time and effort. As an employer, human resources management ensures that their clients and candidates are satisfied.

Human resource managers can prevent employee turnover by asking more questions about the goals of each candidate (for example, they have seen themselves within five years) and their qualifications. For the proper replacement of a business, the employer will pay around 20% of the employee’s salary over the cost of recruitment. Along with that, this number is usually too high for jobs requiring a higher level of training or specialized training. In this way, it means that retaining employees is crucial to the general success of any organization. Besides, the rates of high employee turnover can have a positive impact on net income.

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