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Research Paper on Effective Business Processes

An effective business policy envisages a collection of connected, planned and ordered activities that produce a specific service or product or serve a particular goal for a particular client. There are many types of business procedures and policies that are responsible for running the organization. Typical management processes include “corporate governance” and “strategic management”. Operational processes are those that make up the main business and create the primary value stream. For example, taking orders from customers, and opening an account in a bank branch. Supporting processes, which support the core processes. Examples include accounting, recruitment, and technical support. Read More

Essay: Immortalized in paintings

Through his obsession in women, particularly the redheads, evident in the life he led to die a senior bachelor, Gustav is able to harvest this when he paints another man’s understanding the symphony in his own image thus showing us how our life’s weaknesses can turn great on us. Furthermore, although such a massage is drawn in a rather obscene and daring way that shows no embarrassment to nakedness, this painting was also intended to reach different levels of people in this society as expressed by the music, the commoners, and the noble men, those that rule them (Dube 14).

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