Sheol from the view of Christians

Sheol is a Hebrew word which is a place dominated by darkness where all the dead people go to, even if they are righteous, regardless of how they have been in their life. Sheol is a place which is lifeless and cut off from the Hebrew God. The individuals who lack personality and strength or either one of the two are the ones who reside in Sheol. Read More


For many years Astronomy has been a crucial element to give explanation about the world around us. It is assumed that one of the reasons the Stonehenge in England was made was to honor the solstices and equinoxes. Solstice includes two Latin words joined together, sol (sun) and sister (to stand still), because when solstice in process the Sun stands still as it declines. It occurs twice a year when the Sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator. The equinoxes and the solstice is connected with the seasons, it marks either the beginning or the midpoint of summer or winter. Read More