Custom Essay: Why is learning English important?

Custom Essay: Why is learning English important?

Learning a new language which is not your mother tongue can prove to be very helpful especially if a person lives in a country where there is a diverse culture. The most common language in the world is English. It is a universal language of communication and is recognized worldwide. English is also known as the language of business. It is generally used as a way of communication between people of different cultures and nationalities. Statistics show that it is spoken by 1.8 billion people worldwide, which contributes to 27% of the population of the world. If a person is given a choice to learn a second language, they should opt for English because it would help them with many things. Read More

Medicine Essay

The new technology and innovations in human sciences has brought an end to various diseases. It is the blessing of sciences and medicine that many of the deadly diseases have been cured. However, this has also increased the challenges for the students making their career in medicine. Medical students are now going through prolonged years of education for achieving degree in medicine and to become experts in it.

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