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Essay: How I recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sample Essay It got to a point whereby I could feel insecure even when am in the company of my wife alone and started withdrawing from all my relatives and friends as well as neighbors. It took the intervention of my uncle who was deployed operation storm and he convinced me to seek medical attention.…
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Every person has positive and negative points that are a part of his/her personality. It is very important for every person to recognize the negative points in particular before someone else points it out. In addition to that, if you have certain negative points as a part of your personality, you would be the best…
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Essay on Change Agents in Tesco and their Characteristics

An individual from outside or inside the company who helps the company in transforming itself by having a critical focus on matters such as organizational development, improvement, and effectiveness is referred to as a change agent. The efforts of a change agent mostly focus on the impact of changing tasks, structures, and technologies on the…
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The Excellence and Symmetry Approach in Public Relations

In the understanding and discussion of public relations practice and theory, one of the most dominant and critical paradigms is excellence theory. However, serious theoretical issues of ethicality, efficacy, reliability, and validity have been faced by this specific dominance. Although the excellence theory has been critiqued in the past by various scholars, yet still an…
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