Side Effects of Anorexia

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Side Effects of Anorexia

Anorexia patients suffer both physical and mental side effects because it is not possible to starve and not have any dire effects upon the body. It is obvious that when the body is starved, it slows down to conserve energy and begins to feed upon itself. If self-starvation still continues and more body fat is lost, the person will start having medical complications. The physical effects of anorexia include: Weakness and very little energy, Rotting of teeth accompanied by damage to the gums, Memory loss and slow responses, Dizzy spells accompanied by headaches and fainting, Brittle nails and dry yellowish skin, Sprouting of fine hair over most parts of the body and face, Bouts of depression and Constipation and  abnormal bodily swelling. To earn the best grades in your Dissertation, Thesis and college assignments you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

There is a marked difference between anorexia and healthy dieting. Healthy dieting is the effort to control whereas anorexia is the attempt to control emotions. Most people who go on a healthy diet do so in an attempt to improve health and appearances whereas anorexics think that losing weight will make them happy and irrespective of the damage to their health, all that matters to anorexics is losing weight at any cost. Studies carried out on this subject showed that the intake of food between AN patients and people who practiced healthy diet controls showed that AN indicated a very low intake of every type of fat, high fiber intake, and carbohydrates which showed macro nutrient and micronutrients deficiencies. Studies also showed how AN patients avoided fatty foods and how their total intake of calories is much lower than those who practiced healthy diet controls.

Regarding carbohydrates, studies were quite inconclusive because some studies indicated a large intake in AN diets while others studies did not confirm this data. Studies have also shown that there are very little variations in the low energy meals eaten by anorexics and such behavior does not let up even during the recovery process. Regarding caloric intake, research has proved that a healthy woman consumes between 1000 to 1200 k/cal/day. Individuals suffering from anorexia usually consume about half that amount or 300 to 600 kcal/day. Research has proved that anorexics can suffer severe medical complications in every organ of the body, especially for adolescents.

It can stunt healthy physical and mental development and cause many other problems. Although these conditions improve with the restoration of normal diets and complete recovery may be possible, but sometimes the condition is practically irreversible. Besides, the long term effect of anorexia is not known and a weakened body structure might experience complications in later life. The most dangerous complications can be cardiovascular issues which can cause the death of the anorexic. A large percentage of the deaths of adults are due to eating disorders. Cardiac problems may be present in the early stages of anorexia in adolescents who suffer the illness even for a short period of time.