Reflection paper on Islam and Christianity

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Reflection paper on Islam and Christianity

Sample Reflection Paper

As I was doing the research for the paper, I could not help but wonder how the two religions have very many things in common yet they seem to be very different. Most of the history of the two faiths seems to suggest that initially it’s like the two were the same. Having both Jesus and Moses appearing in the two main books representing the two faiths shows that there is a lot in common between these two. Most of the citations of the Islamic book, the Koran are not available in any other language other than Arabic. This makes it somehow difficult for a non-Arab to have a clear understanding of the Islamic teachings before they learn the language first. It is also in the Islamic teachings that the Koran should be recited in Arabic, which restricts the religion mostly to the Arabs.

The bible was initially written by the Hebrews in their language but they later translated it to over 600 languages. In my research I realized that different people interpret the two holy teachings differently. This is the reason why there are moderate and radical Muslims who have very different teachings. Those Muslims considered to be radical cannot allow any other faith to be practiced in their midst because they consider their teaching the only to be followed. They also do not recognize women as equal members of the society. In the case of the Christians, there numerous denominations that use the bible as their holy book but their teachings and methods of worship are completely different.

I discovered that to access Christian materials proved easier than getting information concerning Islamic teachings thus making it easier to do research on Christianity as compared to their Muslim brothers. Most of the Muslims were not willing to give much information about their religion to a non-Muslim.

Comparison between the two religions was much easier because there is a clear difference between the beliefs of the religions as well as practices in time of worship. This is because in day today life of the respective believers their religious views are aired. Getting the historic origin of the two religions was much easier especially that of Christianity which begun as a Jewish sect in the Mediterranean and Islam in the 7th century after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Getting the differences between the two both being Abrahamic religions and the holy books the Koran and the Bible referring to similar ancient people like Isaac and Ishmael in a related context

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