Pop culture

Pop culture

Culture is the identity and knowledge of a particular group; it includes their language, style, norms, values, belief, music, cuisine, art and most importantly religion. Culture has many sub divisions but it is majorly defined as the minority and majority. The culture followed by the majority is the ultimate culture within that society, and the belief of the minority culture is always suppressed by the majority culture.  For example female Americans cannot wear shorts in public at Islamic countries, it may be okay at America but since they are the minority at the Islamic States they would have to face myriad issues. Read below to find out how pop culture was formed.

Globalization has caused three effects on culture worldwide, one of which is the growth of the “pop culture” which seems to get more attention and captivate the people at a visceral level. There are many people against this culture, most of them complain that this form of globalization is actually Americanization, the reason for this is that pop culture is produce widely and largely at the United States. The idea of pop culture is injected into our lives through movies, drama, newspapers, satellite broadcasts, fast food and clothing, among other entertainment and consumer goods.

Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell observed that “images of America are so pervasive in this global village that it is almost as if instead of the world immigrating to America, America has immigrated to the world, allowing people to aspire to be Americans even in distant countries.” (Barthin, 1998)

In America, the entertainment industry is the most important spheres of economic activity, through the movies the country earn a lot. In fact, the United State entertainment industry generates more income from overseas sales than any other industry other than the commercial aerospace industry. American television shows, much like movies are shown worldwide. Popular shows like “Modern Family,” “The O.C ”and“ Gossip Girls” are television shows about American individuals that tend to deal with “typically” American subjects, such as prom, style etc. For example movies like High School Musical and other Disney movie have always influenced teenager and children around the world to follow and mimic the characters style and personality. Not to forget the era in which Hannah Montanan dominated the minds of every child in the world.

American movies and dramas which are commonly referred to in trade parlance as audio-visual services are therefore an important commodity among U.S exports.