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Plagiarism is an act of copying any written piece of literature, an artwork, a research, or any effort made by someone else and presenting it as your own. This act is considered highly unethical and is penalized in most of the countries. It violates the copyright policies and is considered an attempt to dishonor the true owner of the source. Plagiarism could be done in several ways like:

  • Copying complete sentences or paragraphs from different electronic and print media and presenting it as written by your own self.
  • Using quotations delivered by another person.
  • Using research work or results done by others and presenting it as you own.
  • Changing a few words or phrases in the paragraph obtained from other sources and writing the rest as it is, etc

There could be several reasons for plagiarizing any content. The student who is plagiarizing may intend to do the academic writing without doing efforts. S/he just spends a few hours copying material from different sources and submitting it as own. This practice has been observed in almost all the educational institutes. This activity ruins the intellectual capabilities of the students who find shortcuts in doing their college and university assignments. This leads to the student doing all the assignments again from the beginning, penalized for copying others’ material, taken to courts for plagiarizing, or at worst, expulsion of that student from the educational institute.

ü  In order to save you from facing the consequences of plagiarism, here are a few tips:

ü  Acknowledge the true author of the content from which you have taken the abstract

ü  Write the saying or quotations of the author in quotation marks

ü  Give references of the sources of your content

ü  Never write the words or sentences of the source as they are. Develop your own viewpoint and write your analysis on the content.

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