Persuasive Essays

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Persuasive Essays

Writing persuasive essays is not an easy task. In persuasive essays you need to persuade and make the reader admit and agree with your way of thinking about a topic. It is hard to make people believe when they are not ready to listen to others; your aim is to convince them that your argument is correct. For this purpose, you need to have strong evidences to support your argument.

For writing a persuasive essay here are a few guidelines:

  • Think about your argument in broader perspective. Before you begin to write about your topic, you must have enough knowledge to build the structure of your essay.
  • Write down the ways in which the reader may view the topic in his/ her mind. Look for the details about your topic on websites and books. Make sure the sources you refer to are reliable.
  • Establish facts about your argument. Start with the other’s perspective. Think about the debate and opposite arguments. And then give solid reasoning to your point of view.
  • After doing the essential groundwork of writing a persuasive essay, you should now write the essay. Start with the introduction and give a brief background of your topic. Explain your position in it and develop a thesis statement which would an idea to the reader of what you are going to talk about.
  • After the introduction, begin with the opposite aspect of your argument. Then give reasons and facts to support your point of view. Avoid using biased or prejudiced statements. Your aim is to convince the reader with real grounds, therefore, bring strength to your argument by giving supporting facts in an order of priority. In the conclusion, restate your thesis to put a lasting impact on the reader.

For writing a persuasive essay, use the evidences like real facts which are widely acceptable and statistical results of a research related to your topic to support your argument.

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