Personal Statement for Gynecology

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Personal Statement for Gynecology

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I strongly believe that I am qualified for the residency program and well suited for a career in Gynecology and Obstetrics. First, I am confident in my ability to take principal responsibility in managing the medical problems of my patients and successfully execute the day to day tasks that are expected of me as a resident Obstetrics and Gynecology having had experience spanning more than a decade. Secondly, my work as a Specialist Assistant in Urology has shown me that goals can be accomplished through determination and persistence. These capabilities will sail me through difficult procedures and complex deliveries. Thirdly, I believe I have the sleight, mechanical ability and leadership qualities that are valuable in a surgical subspecialty.

Beside the manual dexterity, it is my opinion that the attitude that an individual posses towards the medical profession is also of utmost importance. The strong achievement propensity and fortitude that I posses which has seen me through various difficult circumstances are likely to steer me to a successful career as an obstetrician and gynecologist. I have learned a lot from the extreme circumstances in Baghdad which have really played a great role in building my character and professionalism.

In light of the experiences, my personal and professional ambitions, and the responsibility I owe to the society and the human race in general, it is my desire to continue my education in an academic residency program. Medicine is a dynamic science and it is in my interest to be up in speed with new research and clinical experience to broaden my knowledge, and to be well acquainted with the changes in treatment and drug therapy.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge in past residency programs and it is my hope that I will successfully continue in my pursuance of a successful career in obstetrics and gynecology.

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