Paper on Canadian Post war of Canada

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Paper on Canadian Post war of Canada

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I approached the book in search of Canada: postwar to present with anticipation. The main issues which I would be discuss throughout my review of the book based on different aspects which have been discussed in the book. According to my general awareness of this book it provides me a good piece of information about different aspects and changes which came after the postwar and what changes Canada bring in terms of economy, prosperity and a multicultural society across the globe.

I intend to pursue in the book review the different ups and downs at different stages in Canadian society such as: – How the housing demand has shifted from postwar to the modern era and what are the devoting factors in terms of demand and growth ratio. I would also describe about the shifting in the rental income throughout the Canada and Europe which also leads to the rental supply during the postwar to the modern era in Canada. My discussion would also lead and clarify about how the prosperity came back to Canada along with world class health care policies, pensions for the old age peoples and other fringe benefits. The financial contingencies in the great depression era persuade the Newfoundland Empire to abandon government in the early 1930’s which has also became the crown colony manage by the government of Great Britain. In my opinion what the message I get throughout the book is about the consistency and dignity which the Canadian nation have in their breading to bring any changes because they have power and hard work to do anything they want.

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