Paper on Canadian Economy

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Paper on Canadian Economy

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This paper discussed about the postwar impacts and the prosperity in the Canadian society. How the great era of depression tends to affect the Canada and how the Canadian government made consistency to become the first world country around the globe. The paper also leads to the different aspects of the economy, Canadian culture and its impacts on society, different types of sexual orientation, the demographic shifts in the economy and the main source of income which are petroleum products, real estate business etc. basically this paper identifies the slowly and steadily change in the Canada after the postwar to present.

The main issues which I would highlight which would about the era which brings the sustainability in the Canadian economy and which is the contemporary era I would enlighten it from the period of recession in the 1980’s which has also taken into action in 1990’s which leads to increase in the unemployment level, the default of the government and dissatisfaction in the common masses. Again, it had been recovered in the 1994 which following the economic declination in 1995-1996. I would also intend to pursue about the hotcake which brings the boom in the Canadian economy with the collaboration of United States. After that Canada has became the commercial backbone because the government has establish surpluses from 1996 to present. Because in my opinion this is main reason in which recession in the United States by dot com bubble started in 2000, which also affected the Toronto Stock exchange but in a very gentle manner.

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