Paper on abortion issues

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Paper on abortion issues

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This paper argues two different point of views about the “moral and legal status of abortion” in which the primary philosopher using defensive approach in the favor of abortion which describes that it is a legal and moral right of any women to abort their child in the early stages of pregnancy. However, on the other hand the secondary philosophers demonstrate that the abortion is equal to the murder of a human whether he/she is fetus or not.

There are different situations in which one can abort their child because of certain ethical issues. I am in the favor of abortion rights argued by the Warren which describes that to kill fetus is not a crime but to save the mother for the future inconsequence’s which can be happen in the different situation as we have discussed that in the situation of rape or any act which is not legal in the system of law can create different problems which can be more vulnerable to face like the failure of the contraceptive methods in which you would not get any choice except abortion. In the tactical situation which can be anything it should be the proactive choice of mother of what step she wants to take in the favor of their moral standards but it shouldn’t be like that a women abort her child because she wants to go the trip of Europe which leads to the unethical act in the society.

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