Memo of a business plan

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Memo of a business plan

Sample Essay

From: Jimson Management Consultants Ltd.

To: Gabby Investment Project

Re: Business plan details

I would like to offer you a standard business plan format that can be employed in all the kind of businesses that your firm may wish to engage in. This basic guideline business plan consists of all the information that a potential lender or investor would like to know about you business before making any decision. Though the business plan format varies, some important information should not be left out. This includes information about the market, product, strategies, implementation of the strategy and the financial overview.

The sunglasses shop should be opened in a place that has adequate market. This requires that enough research be done before the shop is opened. All the competitors in the market should also be considered and ways of beating them designed. The best strategies, which will ensure only success, should be developed and followed to the letter.  This ensures that there is no room for failure. The best management with the skills in product introduction should be sought to ensure success only. Lastly, the financial overview should be done to come up with projections of the amount to spend in this new project and the amount to expect. This helps in calculating profitability.

The above business plan can be written twice, first draft can be an overview and the second should be detailed.

I you keenly follow this format, I guarantee that you shall obtain optimal results.

Thanks for offering me this chance to serve you.

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