McTeague: a story of San Francisco book review

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McTeague: a story of San Francisco book review

Book Review

Norris in his book McTeague reveals about the greediness of the human kind and the way greed causes problems in the society. The protagonist in McTeague: a story of San Francisco is McTeague, who is an uneducated dentist who gets married to Trina. Trina is a descendant of the German Immigrants and is in love with Marcus who happens to be his distant cousin. Trina wins $5,000 in a lottery and their live changes and the theme of greed comes in to play in the novel. The $5,000 brings about misery, incidents of murder, suspicion. Cases of racial stereotype are displayed Norris like in the case where he describes Zerkow  who has Polish origin as having “Bloodless lip” and having “claw-like, prehensile fingers–the fingers of a man who accumulates, but never disburses” (Norris 34). Though. Among characters that display cases of greed are Zerkow, Maria, Marcus, Trina and McTeague. This essay focuses on whether McTeague or some outside agent such as another character(s) or society is to blame for his fall from grace.

In the beginning of the novel, it is evident that McTeague is living a prestigious life. This is revealed where by he eats a balanced diet constituting of a variety of vegetables, meat and a pudding and later takes a take away beer which he sips in his office while “smoking his huge porcelain pipe while his food digested; crop-full, stupid, and warm” (ibid 1). In his efforts to succeed and find comfort in life, McTeague is forced by the characters, the society norms and his greed to fall from grace to grass.

McTeague greed makes him to start operating a dental clinic without a license or a university degree. However, initially he is successful after investing the little money that his mother left for him when she died, he should have invested the money in any other kind of business, which is legal. He should also have applied for a license to ensure the future of the business is guaranteed. His business continues normally until when lures Trina into a relationship even though he knows Trina is his best friend, Marcus, lover.

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