Introduction & case studies Related to Criminological Theories

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Introduction & case studies Related to Criminological Theories

Sample Essay

Criminology is a field that encompasses the knowledge to treat crimes as a social phenomenon. There are various theories in criminology that helps to understand criminality in a better way in addition to a platform on how to deal with them. Criminality on the other hand entails the activity of law breaking and law making and the processes involved in counteracting with the crime/crimes.

These processes are structured such that they are interconnected so that they deliver results that are socially acceptable. Criminology is thus the process of studying etiology, nature, and extent of law breaking behavior (Criminological Theories and Their Application, 2010).

Case studies

The following case study will be used to explain the roles of various theories:

  1. The case of the Wall Street broker (Criminological Theories and Their Application).
  2. The case of a suburban college girl who wanted to pass and complete her education (Watts, et al. 2007).
  3. The case of a Hispanic boy who enrolled in a gang in a neighborhood where authorities are not very vigilant (Watts, et al. 2007).
  4. The rape case of a male college student (Watts, et al. 2007).

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