Essay: US Healthcare System

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Essay: US Healthcare System

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The problems that arose due to the economic downturn resulted in many Americans losing their jobs, and as a result were unable to afford insurance cover. The most affected people are the middle and low-income earners who were working in small and medium enterprises that went under due to the economic crises. Most of the rich people in America are able to afford a reliable insurance scheme although it has emerged that some of the high earners are finding it difficult to access adequate and at the same time affordable insurance scheme.

Insurance policies are increasingly becoming very expensive but the coverage is dwindling by the day. Frontline compares the available healthcare to “like having an airbag in your car that is made out of tissue paper,” which is not able to protect anyone in case of an accident despite its presence. (Frontline 2009) A person who is seeking insurance cover that is not employer based is likely to be denied one if he or she has an existing health condition. Healthcare providers are punishing people for conditions beyond their control since one does not choose to have a chronic infection. The chronically ill and the poor should be given adequate insurance cover that covers most of their health risks. Though in the past many states required all the insurance companies to offer to services to all, it emerged that many people opted to wait until they fell sick in order to seek medical cover.

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