Essay: Youth Cyberbullying

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Essay: Youth Cyberbullying

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Considering that cyberbullying is not limited to personal attacks in schools, it is worth noting that youth cyberbullying involving in their places of work (Roddel, 2008. p155). A firm’s website where the clients are reviewing products have also become a target for youth cyberbullying. In efforts to tarnish the product endorsed by a certain teen who happens to be a role model,  young clients may gang up to give a biased review of a product with the aim of ensuring that the product will be considered a failure. In some cases, the reviews may be targeting a certain youth worker liable for the production of the firm.

Fellow youth workers may trigger the biased review and the targeted  young worker may lose his/her job or be demoted. In most cases, this occurs when a certain youthful worker is superior to other youthful workers who in turn get biased and begin witch hunting. This is also common in firms with multi- cultural where people from a certain cultural backgroung may study when young and others from the other study when a bit aged. Therefore, when these two set of workers meet at their place of work, one is likely to have joined the work force earlier than other is and subsequently likely to be in a higher rank. In organizations run by youth, the social forums in the organization website can also be source of youth cyberstalking and an individual information may be given in a falsely and in this case, the perpetrator of this act is only proven guilty by the court of law. In cases of an abuse on individual, the employer needs to take disciplinary action against the perpetrator. For the youth working in different organization, the major causes of cyberbullying is biasness due to failure or success differences between different youth,  youth romantic relations in their places of work are also major catalysts of cyberbullying.

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