Essay: Your Eyes are Brighter than Women’s

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Essay: Your Eyes are Brighter than Women’s

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“Your eyes are brighter than women’s, but not as deceptive as theirs; you shed golden light upon any object you gaze upon” depicts that the lord is more caring than a woman is. (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln 6)The poet shows their eyes may be deceptive but the lords are always true as a show of the fairness of the lord. The lord will be faithful to anyone as long as he or she is faithful to him and will shed light to his followers.

The lord is not angered when a sinner comes back to him for he is ready to receive him or her with open arms. Though the lord’s heart is as gentle as that of a woman, Shakespeare acknowledges the faithfulness of the lord when he says, “You have the gentle heart of a woman, yet you are not fickle like so many changeable women”. (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln 4) The gentleness of the woman’s heart might be mistaken for faithfulness, which might not be the case, but the lord is always there for the humankind. (Archive of classic poems 2009)

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