Essay: Young Goodman Brown

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Essay: Young Goodman Brown

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Young Goodman Brown is a very innocent boy who believes that all the people around him whom he meets in church are actual true followers of the teachings of the lord. Though Brown trusts all the elders he meets in the church, he realizes that they might not be as holy as he thought. He loves his wife, Faith very much to the extent that he can do anything to make her happy. At the start of Young Goodman Brown’s journey, he is been escorted by his wife, Faith but his wife does not want to let him go.

On the way he meets his catechist teacher, Goody Cloyse, the deacon as well as the minister who are well respected in the church. In the end he realizes that they are going at the same place that is a witches’ meeting. At the meeting he has a strong feeling that his dead parents are present there although they lived Christian lives. As the two, Brown and the old man who was accompanying him for the journey are going on with their journey, the old man tells Brown that his ( Brown’s) grandparents had gone on the same occasion severally.

The journey to Araby is different from Brown’s journey in the sense that the two are going on different missions. In the Araby the boy is in love with a girl but he does not have words of expressing his feelings to the girl. What he usually does is that he stares on the entrance of the girl’s house at every time he has a chance. The narrator in the Araby is out to learn how to seduce a woman and at the same time buy the girl she loves a present at the bazaar. He is also interested in the attention of a young woman, whom he has just met at the bazaar as she is talking to two young men.

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