Essay: You’ve Got Mail

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Essay: You’ve Got Mail

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You’ve Got Mail is an American comedy that was produced in 1998 by Warner Bros about two secret lovers who only communicate through mails and are not aware that they are rivals in business. At the start of the play, we learn that Kathleen has a boyfriend but soon the boyfriend leaves the room, she logs in to her laptop to get a mail from a man she does not know and she calls him NY152. The man refers her by the name shopgirl. Form the other side; we witness Joe, NY152, in a very luxurious apartment with his girlfriend. The two later leave for work with the shopgirl, Cathleen, going to open “The Shop Around the Corner” which is a small bookstore for the children which was left to her by her mother. Joe has bigger dreams and is planning to open a bigger bookstore a few miles from Cathleen’s store.  From here, we learn that the two characters are lovers but business rivals.

When we witness the face-to-face conversation between Cathleen and Joe, we realize that there is a positive communication climate. In the beginning of the story, Cathleen is shown to be different from all the other women in literature at her time who are shown to be coming second after men; this is evidence of gender equality in which women can also be independent. The first picture we see is that of Cathleen implying that women come first in this story. The fact that Cathleen is a sole proprietor owning a shop and having hired three people shows that she is different from the other women who are out to depend on men for their needs. However, it is worthy noting that she has feminine characters since she does not get involved with strategic planning for her shop. She just wakes up and goes to the shop to make the daily sales but she is not concerned in searching for better ways of improving her business.

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