Essay: Writings of Longfellow, Bryant, Whitman, and Dickinson

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Essay: Writings of Longfellow, Bryant, Whitman, and Dickinson

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There are a number of artists who have done remarkable writings in the past. The works of these people are remembered even up to date for their main themes, which are relevant even to today’s situations. Some of these artists can be compared for writing with the main ideas in mind or even addressing the same issues. This implies that they were all concerned about the major issues in the society but not necessarily the same topics.  Some of the artists who are remarkable up to date include Longfellow, Bryant, Whitman, and Dickinson.

One among the major similarities among these four artists was that they were all poets and were out to make poetry to be accepted by the entire society since it was initially buried and done unnoticed. To start with, Longfellow is an artist who lived since the year 1802 to 1882 and his main works included poems, which he started writing at age 18. At this period, American literature was facing some transformation, as it was disintegrating from that of England and end up starting its own fashion of identity and voice. During this time too, Longfellow was not alone in literature as there were also several other artists who were helping in transforming literature work in America.

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