Essay: Write-up of the Company

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Essay: Write-up of the Company

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Analyze industry and main competitor comparisons

All other bonds in the portfolio:  Brief write-up of the company, its credit rating and why this specific bond fits into your portfolio

Any investor could make a choice of investing in this specific company since the company is credit worthy and further the calculated ratios proof that he is not likely to loose. Considering all the data provided for this company, an investor would have to make a decision to invest in the bonds of this company rather than in other bonds from other companies in the same industry whose data proof loss.

Being an investor, I will not estimate to invest in the company where I am assured of getting my investment and the interest earned without any problems. Given the option of investing on both bonds and shares of this company, the data is adequate to make an investor pick on this company whose credit worthiness proves good results. There is no adequately informed investor will go for the other companies in the same industry before carefully assessing their financial records. If the appropriate ratios confirm that an investor is likely going to make losses in the investment, which is not the wish of all investors, he or she should not go for that option.

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