Essay: How to Become a Writer

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Essay: How to Become a Writer

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The poem ‘How to Become a Writer’ points out that for one to become a good writer, he or she has to understand crucial aspects of their personality in reference to the writing process (Gardner et al. 438). The poet argues that there are important problems, which may make writers not to fail or stop. This means that even when the writer has problems, he or she cannot stop writing because of these problems.

This can be compared to the ‘Girl’ monologue since the narrator shows how the girl has well set guidelines or how to do everything and do it perfectly. Although there are so many directions to be followed, the girl is determined to do so and even the narrator assures her by the end, she will be someone who the baker will want to be near his bread. Books also offer inspiration to solve many challenges like the girl did.  A good writer has a clear vision and has to attune him or herself so that they can experience the world around them in a manner which is more engaging. Good writers know their conscious and subconscious minds, their creative selves, intellect, imagination and internal critics. The narrator in the Theme for English B offers much inspiration to the blacks to discover what they truly believe about main matters in their life. He has written an honest, unique and original story of the African American plight in the American society. In becoming a good writer, one also has to unearth what they truly believe in just as the narrator in English B did.

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