Essay: The Wrath of God by Aquirre

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Essay: The Wrath of God by Aquirre

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According to The Wrath of God by Aquirre, these two empires had to fall for they were going against the teachings of the bible. It is imperative to note that the Spanish did not care where the slaves they were buying to till their land came from. It is on the same note that the Portuguese had no idea how the slaves they sold to the Spaniards for use in the Americas were being treated.

God used Netherlands, England and France to defeat the Portuguese empire although they had lesser populations than the latter. Though the Spaniards and the Portuguese thought that they had made it in their businesses they lost it in the end since almost the whole world turned against them. The two most powerful empires of those times became so divided for engaging in business around the world such that they were not in a position to defend their territory. They thought that they had made it since their businesses were bringing lots of money to their empires but they forgot that whatever they were doing was against the God’s teachings.

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