Essay: Working Conditions of Nurses

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Essay: Working Conditions of Nurses

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Additionally a study by Tuckett et al (2009) shows the impending extrinsic as well as intrinsic values in the working conditions of nurses who are working in care of the aged. The way a person behaves at his or her place of work is determined by personal behaviors and the working conditions of the said person. The study was done in the state of Queensland, Australia in the year 2007 and involved 105 nurses who were employed in the aged care sector.

The intrinsic values studied were low morale while there were two extrinsic issues, which were remuneration and working conditions. 37% of the respondents said that they had a low morale of their work even though it was their only source of income. Some respondents lamented that they were unable to change shifts since they were few in the profession and thus there was no body to replace them. They felt that they were being overworked and 23% showed signs of work related stress. Of importance to note is the fact that 12% of the respondents had positive comments on the work of nurses as opposed to 6% who had negative views on the profession. Those who gave negative comments claimed that there was no respect from either the patients or those who were visiting them (Tuckett et al, 2009).

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