Essay: Workers at Emirates Airlines

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Essay: Workers at Emirates Airlines

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Every work working for Emirates Airline must be ready to work and meet the responsibilities to assigned to him or her. Though in rare occasions one is assigned many responsibilities, one needs to plan, organize and prioritize on the important roles that need to be accomplished in a chronological way.  By setting up priorities, one is able to control and monitor his/ her performance and the other colleagues are likely note this kind of organization. Better organization of responsibilities reduces conflict of interest and the workers relationship is improved.

In efforts to give priority and organize one’s responsibilities, a worker needs to balance the responsibilities and establish a working schedule. To attain this objective, a worker needs to critically look at the daily tasks, responsibilities and set up a working schedule that will reduce the chances of stress. Through setting up these daily schedule, a worker will be able to balance between the family and work responsibilities and in the end, the worker will be able to achieve the personal, career and social goals. Eventually, the worker gets job satisfaction and the performance at work place is greatly improved. Workers also need to set achievable goals. In order to avoid stress, a worker at the Emirates Airline does not need to have so many activities within a day. Workers at emirates Airline are expected to meet the set standards since any decision made is done after lengthy consultations. Furthermore, investment in the air industry is capital intensive and if a employee does not meet the expectation, the resources ranging from physical, human and financial capital will be lost. A worker therefore needs to come up with a schedule is attainable and is aligned to the firm’s goals and objectives. In cases where an employee has so many tasks, an employee needs to identify the should and the musts. Any task not necessary should be postponed for another day or a later time after the crucial tasks are accomplished.

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