Essay: Work Redesigning

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Essay: Work Redesigning

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After the job analysis, work redesigning is a strategy that integrates the organizational structure and the human resources management. In this case, the whole of the work structure is redefined and new teams and structures to enhance performance of an organization. These new structures are later evaluated to determine their success and corrective action is carried out.  While redefining the work, the human resources managers hires consultants, data is collected, redesigning planning,  assessment, implementation of the new works, training new teams, evaluation and taking control measures (Hayes, Sullivan, 2002, 23 67).

Work redesigning requires the employees to be trained about the changes in their work (Wilson, 2005,  The advantages of work redesigning are that it aids in increasing employees productivity since the major changes are triggered by changes in the industry. It therefore reduces the costs, improves the efficiency resources are used optimally. Briefly, the work redesigning is meant to improve the firm’s performance (Beer, 1980, 13).

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