Essay: Women Becoming a President or Prime Minister

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Essay: Women Becoming a President or Prime Minister

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There are a number of other factors that affect the chances of a woman being a prime minister or president. The kind of leadership determines chances of a woman being a leader. Back in the 19th century, women could not lead nations since they were considered as inferior to men. The men dominated the women and as the women tried to fight for the right just like the black Americans during the civil movement. With time, nation leadership took different direction with those becoming democratic having higher chances of a woman becoming a leader than those led by dictators.

According to the CIA fact sheet, US population of 310,232,863 is dominated by Christians with Roman Catholics and Protestants having a 23.9% and 51.3% of the population. Further, the GDP of US is much higher than that of an average country since it is about $46,000. (CIA) This means that US has had chances of having a woman president, but this has not occurred. The major reason behind this history is the historical discrimination against the women. Even though discrimination was banned many years ago, the women in the US are not fully liberated and feel discriminated and have no confidence to vie for the positions of presidency. It is only currently when Sarah Pallin has proposed that she can vie for this post, but no other woman has been nominated by the republicans or the democrats.  The US governments are mainly dominated by men and the women do not have confidence among them selves due the historical injustices, however, with time, they will achieve equality and in future, there a high chances that there will be a female president of the United States of America.

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