Essay: Women in the Play Trifles

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Essay: Women in the Play Trifles

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When Suzanne’s husband declares that he does not want the son, we see how men are mistreating women. This is due to some cultural values, which might be different between two people. Men even in the play, Trifles, are violating women rights. Minnie has been living in isolation due to the harshness of her husband. Her husband, John Wright does not even give her a chance to socialize with her neighbors. This is the reason why the women in the play hide the evidence of the murder when they find it. They seem to understand the tribulations that Minnie has been going through. According to Ruth Benedict, the things that we do are controlled by our “particular traditional customs” even if it is unconsciously. Suzanne’s husband does not need the baby because he will be gay. His customs dictate to him that he cannot have a gay son.  The men doing investigation do not want to consult the women because they feel they are superior according to their customs.

Although the men pretend to know everything in Trifles, at the end they are not able to solve, the murder and the women whom they ignored have the key to the solution. They are not aware that the women saw and concealed a dead canary and a damaged birdcage, which holds the key to the motive of the murder. The fact that Suzanne decides to go ahead with the pregnancy shows that her husband’s decision cannot make her change her mind. In the end, Rob Stein decides to abide the decision of his wife. The two literary works women come out as winners as opposed to the notion that they are inferior to men. That is why Ruth Benedict tells us that we should always consider the opinion of the others before we draw conclusions.

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