Essay: Women and Equality in the Workplace

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Essay: Women and Equality in the Workplace

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According to Giele and Stebbins, in their work  Women and equality in the workplace, they not that glass ceiling is evident in place of work where men earn better wages than women do even though the women have the same education, experience and training as the men. The cases of glass ceiling against women are common in the present time and it is common to see that even in a book store, the men prefer and to be assisted by their male counterparts whom they have more confidence with than the women sales personnel.

The women have also lacked confidence among themselves and prefer to be assisted by men. Through this, the women have contributed continued glass ceiling based on gender even after this kind of discrimination was banned in 1964. The ability of clients to prefer to be assisted by male workers in different scenarios as commonly observed makes the men to be promoted and earn better packages than women. More so, it is common that even in the medical care, it is common that the patients prefer to be offered medical assistance by male doctors at the expense of the female counter parts who are equally qualified just like the female doctors. This is a direct indication that the general US population does not consider women to be of the same equality as the men hence acting as an agent for glass ceiling against the women.

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