Essay: A woman’s face with Nature’s own hand painted

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Essay: A woman’s face with Nature’s own hand painted

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“A woman’s face with Nature’s own hand painted” (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln 1) is the 20th Sonnet by Shakespeare which is about the beauty of a woman. It is among the most interesting sonnets by Shakespeare in the sense that it shows the identity of the lord as a fair being.  Shakespeare is talking about beauty and the love he has for the lord as he refers to him as a mistress who has the face of a woman and at the same time “a woman’s gentle heart.” He compares the lord with a woman since women are known to have greater love towards others than men do. Though in the beginning the poet refers to the lord as a woman, as the reader progresses on, he realizes that the lord could be either man, woman or none. (Stirling 1968)

By referring the lord as a mistress, the poet shows the reader that he has control over him in addition; he is not faithful to the lord. As the poem goes on, the reader realizes that that the lord is both male and female and this is the reason why he attracts both men and women alike. The attraction that the poet feels towards the lord is not sexual as is evidenced when he says, “And by addition me of thee defeated / By adding one thing to my purpose nothing.” (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln11) In many of Shakespeare’s works, he uses the word “thing” to refer to male genital organs but in this case, he is not interested in the sex of the fair lord. He shows that it is not important for one to bother with the gender of the lord but he should love him the way he is. It is of paramount importance to acknowledge that he does not appreciate the fact the lord was created as a male, even though he is not interested in the lord’s genitalia. (Stirling 1968)

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