Essay: Withdrawing Live Support

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Essay: Withdrawing Live Support

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Whenever an individual gets ill, it is the responsibility of the nursing profession to ensure that they administer medication to sustain a good quality of life.  The nursing professionals should consider the decisions of the patients while serving them and advice them accordingly (Tuckett 2004). The parents advance directive needs to be adhered too and incase a patient cannot communicate, the next appropriate person needs to give the directions about the individual’s wishes.

Though it is the ethical responsibility of the nurses to offer individuals live support to save live, however, there are cases where the live support mechanisms seem to be only prolonging live and not improving the patients live, in such a case, the medical professionals’ needs to withdraw the live support. However, as much as the medical professionals withdraw live support, it is imperative for them to ensure that the patients do not suffer a lot of pain, but should reduce the pain. It is important for the patient along with other relevant authorities to know nursing ethics to withdraw live support. The nursing ethics also must consider the patients request to withdraw live support after giving the reasons.

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