Essay: Why Sophocles chose Antigone for Death Penalty

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Essay: Why Sophocles chose Antigone for Death Penalty

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Sophocles chooses Antigone as the one to suffer death penalty because of her innocence according to the Gods and the many objections that arise following her death sentence. Antigone is a virgin at the time of her death, buried alive without a right to fulfill her natural right as a woman to marry Haemon and to produce an offspring, “I have had no share in the hymns of my marriage procession, no wedding song has hymned me” (Sophocles 765).

She is prosecuted by Creon on her religious beliefs, choosing to honor the divine law over human law and pay tribute to her family. Clearly, Antigone’s civil right to religious freedom is revoked by Creon. Antigone’s death sentence was carried out erroneously since she did not even get a trial as costumed in a democratic state, but was sentenced to death instantaneously by a tyrant. Many readers continue to wonder whether the earthly leaders should follow the natural laws of deny civilians their rights at the expense of the unfair earthly laws that the imposed by tyrants.

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