Essay: Why Nurses Switch to other Professions

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Essay: Why Nurses Switch to other Professions

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The above-mentioned studies show that nurses are feeling unappreciated and they are willing to find other forms of employment. The results show that some nurses who are finding it difficult to continue working as nurses although there has been a shortage of the said professionals. They are either dissatisfied with the way they are handled by their managements or the kind of service that their institutions are able to offer. It is of paramount importance to note that there are no enough nurses in our health facilities and as a result, it is imperative to ensure that those who are working as nurses are motivated in order to maintain them in the profession. Patients as well as those who visit them do not appreciate the work that is been done by the nurses. This makes the nurses to feel burned out and thus increase their chances of quitting their jobs. This is despite the fact that nurses play a major role in the care of those who are hospitalized.

On the other hand, the institutions that the nurses are working in do not appreciate their work. Some other nurses feel that they are not equally compensated for the work that they do and thus they want to change their careers. This can put the health of most people at risk since it is almost impossible for doctors to operate without nurses. Physicians who work hand in hand with nurses sometimes do not appreciate the work of the nurses and this demoralizes the nurses a lot. In order to make sure that the health of the whole population is safe all the stakeholders need t o change the way they view the contributions that is done by nurses in the health sector.

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