Essay: Why God Allows Evil to Happen

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Essay: Why God Allows Evil to Happen

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The bible makes us believe that there are so many sinners who God punished after they committed different mistakes. For example, He was fed up with the world that He saved only Noah and several others by rain. He advocates for forgiveness and yet He committed this crime of killing. Does it mean that His deeds are perfect no matter who they affect? This is an indication that man can commit evil just as if God does since He permits it. There are so many people who died for the crimes of their relatives and friends since it cannot happen that they were all sinners.

God also allows evil to happen so that His powers can be seen. For instance, He left the Israelites to be mistreated so that His powers should be seen when he was saving them. He let the brothers of Moses commit evil by selling him to the slaveholders so that His powers could be seen as he made him prosperous. This is an indication that God’s power can only be proved by allowing evil to happen, so that people witness it as He is rectifying the evil.

The argument by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz that “God can allow some evil” holds since there are several reasons as to why there has to be evil for the world to exist.

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