Essay: Who should be Blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet

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Essay: Who should be Blamed for the death of Romeo and Juliet

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Tybalt is a character who can also be blamed for the death of the two lovers because he is the one who starts a chain of deaths. As the deaths continue to occur, they happen to take the lives of Romeo and Juliet. After Romeo attends a party of the Tybalt’s clan, Tybalt wants to fight him just because he is a Montague. Mercutio, Romeo’s friend gets up to defend his friend and Tybalt’s kills him. This forces Romeo revenge by killing Tybalt and the tragedy starts since Romeo is exiled and Paris gets the chance to ask for a hand in marriage to Juliet. Once Juliet learns later that Romeo is still alive, she arranges for a plan, although it fails.

Romeo’s death can as well be attributed to the actions of Juliet who gets into a plan with Friar. It is her responsibility to explain the whole plan to Romeo but since she fails, Romeo assumes that she is dead and feels that he cannot live any longer without her. He buys some poison and takes it while at Juliet’s tomb and dies.

Juliet’s death on the hand can be argued to have been caused by Romeo. After her plan, Romeo is not aware of the fake death and thus due to his impatience, he is not even wiling to talk to the man who has helped them all through, Friar and get an explanation. After Juliet wakes and finds him dead on top of the tomb, she kisses his poisoned lips and later stabs herself with a knife and dies.

It should be noted that because of love and rejection by parents, Romeo and Juliet are prepared to do anything to be together. The two do not end up together for they die before they marry.   Several people are linked with the death of these two lovers including their own actions but the most blame should be bestowed on Flair Lawrence. This is because all the causes of their death revolve to the plans of Flair Lawrence. Despite the enmity between the two families, the one who has the best planned but worst executed plan is Friar.

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