Essay: When death comes

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Essay: When death comes

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Mary Oliver in the poem “when death comes” equates death to “hungry bear during autumn” (Oliver 2). This bear represents the vicious nature of death. Similarly, some people consider death as a being that take form and shape. To them, death is always hunting for lives in the world. Death implies the termination of life in whichever manner.

The fear of the unknown life after death troubles the persona immensely.  The subjectivity of the speaker clearly depicts that she is a Christian ad believes that there is eternal life after death. Belief in some kind of afterlife is the central aspects of many religious traditions in the contemporary world.

Regardless of the beliefs that one holds one thing is certainly for sure; that we are mortal beings whose end is death. Death has all over the world been treated as evil and so does the persona treat it. The phenomenon provides one of the historical arguments that led doctrinal fallout among the religions. For Christians, death marks the end of bodily life and the beginning of spiritual life. This is contrary to Judaism who don’t subscribe to that belief.

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