Essay: What it means to be an American

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Essay: What it means to be an American

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The democratic republic of America founded based on equality, justice, liberty and opportunity has gone through trying moments, but through the wisdom of its great leaders, Americans have remained united. From the dark days of the civil rights movements to the present day of fight against terrorism, the American society has devoted its resources in trying to make the world a better place for all the global citizens. Globalization that has been catalyzed by technological innovation has been a key factor driving all the sectors of the American society higher levels. It is therefore of paramount importance to consider what it means to be an American.

To begin with, it is of paramount importance to consider the sacrifice our great fathers offered to secure the freedom, the equality and opportunity enjoyed by all the American of diverse cultural backgrounds. Through their sacrifice, no other nation has equaled the Americans wealth and power, however, the American society has so many unfinished projects that the present generations needs to work on. The work- in – progress that was began by the foster fathers is aimed at making American and world at large a better place. It is imperative to note among the key players in the American history that laid the corner stone for America is President Lincoln, martin Luther King, among many others that include the present sitting president, Obama. The American need owe these heroes gratitude. More so, the present generation needs to be taught in detail the roots of the America history, the declaration of independence, the constitution, the national anthem and all other documents that are importance in reference to the American history. By understanding these documents, democracy, which is very dynamic, will prevail.

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