Essay: What is Terrorism

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Essay: What is Terrorism

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Terrorism can be described as any act of violence or terror that is used to instill fear to a certain targeted individual or group of individuals. Terrorism comes in different forms according to where it has come from since the government, an individual or an organized group of people like the al-Qaida can unleash it. Terrorist acts have been there since time immemorial and they have always been used with the same objective, to bring anguish to the opponent. The one thing that is a thorn in the flesh of the US government is the terrorist groups who are capable of making weapons of mass destruction.

This is because the US government has come to understand that terrorists have an affinity of striking those societies where the rule of law is respected and there human rights. The government has invested heavily in the military as a way of counteracting the advances of terrorist groups. Though insurgency is closely related to terrorism, it is important to note that the two differ because target the military while terrorists target innocent civilians. Al-Qaeda is the world’s most known terrorist group and can be viewed as “a transnational terrorist group.  Correspondingly, al Qaeda could be defined as a global insurgency set to overthrow the current world order in regard to global economic systems and globalization.”(Aftergood October 10, 2008) Terrorists use the tactic of killing individuals who are not offered adequate security as a way of instilling fear to their victims.

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