Essay: What is a Total War

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Essay: What is a Total War

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Total war can be defined as an epic strategy game and so far, it is the best strategy that has ever been formed. The total war family has to be designed in a manner that will enable it win. It consists of both evolutionary and revolutionary strategies.  Its main aim is to build on its predecessors featuring on real time war battles with much concentration on historical detail and realism. Total war can be used in two designs in which one of them is that of conquering provinces and cities and making improvements with moving armies around the place while the second one is that of using maneuvers and tactics to crush the opponent in combat.

Total war families are usually in groups and these groups have connections even after the war has ended. They are no longer in use but they do not die completely this is usually followed by great depression which has to force the president to announce a war on poverty. The president has in this new war to declare that he has to control all the c=sectors of the economy including families so that the country can survive. The second world war starts and the trend continues with the president in control of everything including the media.

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