Essay: What Differentiates McDonalds from other Food Chains

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Essay: What Differentiates McDonalds from other Food Chains

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Another element that differentiate McDonalds form other food chains McDonalds is its global brand, McDonalds, a global name, that clearly differentiate all McDonalds products from those of competitors. The brand identity that is evidenced in all the franchises gives them an upper hand than other food chains whose brand name is not common in the global arena. Among other global brand names includes coca cola and virgin among others. Further, in efforts to win client in different parts of the world, it recognizes the client’s needs in every corner of the globe. E.g., in UK, the client demands included quality products, fair prices and continuous promotion through all the means available ranging from online to the local printed tabloids.

The advertising carried out mainly focuses on the quality of the firms products along with the ingredients used to prepare them. the national marketing mix is usually the responsibility of McDonalds but the franchises within an economy pay to McDonalds a small portion of the cost, which is normally 4.54% of the total sales. In a unique way, the McDonalds employs the latest technology, the internet to advertise its products and this has greatly enabled the franchises to be successful in their operation. The unique marketing mix in UK is a key strategy that other food chains have not been able to utilize.  This means they cost share and the cost is very little compared to other food chains. McDonalds further carries out research on behalf franchises to get the client preferences and feedback and this data is fed to the franchises for improvement of performance. The new products are tested in the markets while taking the customers preferred price for each product and taking this into consideration while setting the prices. In order to maintain its superiority in the market, endorsement deals and sponsorship deals play a crucial role in creating a positive image whilst at the same time creating brand awareness.  More so, community development programs and other social activities carried out be McDonald’s franchises to be a leading global image.

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