Essay: What are the steps in preparing a dissertation proposal

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Essay: What are the steps in preparing a dissertation proposal

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What are the steps in preparing a dissertation proposal? Where are you now in this process and what are your future plans for your dissertation?

A quality dissertation should be prepared by following a number of steps. The first step is defining clearly the issue of exploration. The writer should make sure that the issue is stated clearly, such that it is neither too narrow nor too broad. In this stage, one should make sure that all his supervisors are able to identify his topic of interest easily. The second step is the literature review, which enables the writer of the proposal to be able to understand the earlier studies done in his area of interest.

In this step, one is able to know all the data that needs to be added into his problem. The third step is the data analysis part and it ensures that the writer is aware of all the data he needs to complete his dissertation and knows how he can get it. The fourth stage is that of writing a research proposal, which should be approved by the supervisors before the student can continue with his dissertation. The fifth step is that of preparing an outline that helps the student to be able to stick to his question of interest. The sixth step is that of reading and proofreading the dissertation to ensure that it has only the relevant materials, has no grammatical errors and has the correct punctuation. After finishing with writing the dissertation, there is the last stage of defending ones dissertation in the presence of four or more professors including around two who are not from one’s department.

According to the class notes, the dissertation proposal is al the second stage of literature review since they are collecting the earlier data linked with the subject of financial issues. The future of the dissertation is to ensure that the collected data from theory can always be put into practice.

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