Essay: What are the real causes of Obesity

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Essay: What are the real causes of Obesity

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There are a number of causes of obesity and they vary from changed lifestyle, biological, or genetically related. Obesity is partially determined by genetic makeup of an individual. The risk of becoming obese is higher among children whose parents are obese (Yvonne, p1132). This is mainly because of the parental modeling factors of exercise and eating behavior.

A 1986 study dealing with children adopted immediately after birth revealed that the parents that adopted these children grew up to gain adult weights that were related to their biological parents as compared to their adoptee showing a clear indication that an individual genetic makeup determines their body weight (Yvonne, p1139). Scientists have not yet come up with an explanation of the genetic factor play in obesity. However, they believe that there are a number of genes that play a major role causing obesity in the human body. These gene interactions are somewhat complicated and involve a multiple interaction of lifestyle and genes.

Lifestyles have been changing in the last century, which includes reduced physical activities and increased calorie consumption, which has taken a major role in obesity prevalence in most developing countries. Currently, there are a variety of fast foods, soft drinks, pre-packed food  that are readily available and affordable that people choose from and this has changed the eating habits and patterns. While such foods are convenient and time saving they have very high content of fat, calories and sugars (Bradbury, 225–230).

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