Essay: What are Kidney Stones

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Essay: What are Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones refer to a composition of waste products from the body. The role of kidney is to remove waste products from the blood, while ensuring the balance of the metabolic rate. These waste products are removed in the form of urine. However, sometimes the amount of body fluid used to dissolve these waste products may be little and it can lead to some waste products crystallizing within the kidney. These crystalline products are what is termed as kidney stones (Rodman, et al, 2007).  In another version, if the concentration of the mineral salts and other waste exceed the amount of water that can dissolve them, their crystallization leads to the formation of kidney stones (Foundation for Better Health Care-FBHC-, 2010).

Another term for kidney stones is ‘renal lithiases’. This is according to Mayo Foundation of Medical Education and Research in which renal lithiases are mainly made of minerals and acid salts. These are mainly calcium and oxalate; actually 75 to 85 percent. These elements are naturally present in foods such as fruits and vegetables (Ohio Health). In a bid to understand a little bit more of this subject, it is also important to touch on one of the most vital organs in the human body –the kidney- This is the organ that is directly associated with the formation of kidney stones. The kidneys are placed at lower side of the abdomen, at each side of the backbone; it is bean shaped and almost the size of the fist.  It is the body’s main purification organ. Although they are two of them, one kidney can effectively function and meet the body’s demands. It also does some other functions besides purification, which are essential for normal human metabolism. Hence, kidney is highly critical and taking good care of the kidney is essential and critical in life.

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