Essay: Being a Wemer and indulging in the BBS world

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Essay: Being a Wemer and indulging in the BBS world

The other ten interviewees who signed up for the interview were all those who are currently their doing their masters in cultural studies from one of the leading Beijing university. All were quite ecstatic about talking about their virtual experience as they believe that being a Wemer and indulging in the BBS world has made them much more aware as citizens. They strongly assert the fact that they might be mere students but they have a responsibility to play in the society and that they can only do by ensuring that all issues which were found to be troublesome were shed light on.

Some of these students were major fans of American Football while others were equally enthralled by Soccer and felt that by using such platforms they could really have communications which were fun and a learning experience at the same time. After all, who a better guide on American football than an American himself and who a better fan of Real Madrid than a Spanish himself?

Hence, all these analogies were at some level making the research much more than an understanding of the BBS-it was providing an insight into what these students thought and what they were like.

One interviewee gave an example of when she stepped out to get the newspaper everyday and before what were just mere headlines were now topics of discussion/ debate. Now, she was no longer a mere observer but someone who knew about what was happening around her and hence, could respond accordingly.

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