Essay: Wearing Fashionable Products

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Essay: Wearing Fashionable Products

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Irrespective of the economic cost of the fashion style being high, wearing fashionable products improves the self-image in an individual. Wearing products that are socially acceptable makes one to be considered to have a good image since one’s self-confidence improves. The ability for an individual to wear appropriately on the right time enables one to be respected and be recognized to belong to a certain class. One needs to check the wardrobe to ensure that one makes the right choice for the clothing to wear at a certain time. There is fashion for every occasion. One has to wear differently in different times: while in office, one has to be on official attire unlike when on an outing in the company of friends (Pickering 2001).

Wearing fashionable clothing is great thing that requires one to consult fashion designer. Though this may be expensive, for one to be on fashion and smart, the fashion designer will enable the individual to select the best attire that best fits the body figure. One needs to know that correct sizes of clothing and other compliments. For people, they need to be sensitive about the size of the bust, the waistline and the height (Stellarini 2010).

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