Essay: Ways to Manage Time

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Essay: Ways to Manage Time

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In efforts to achieve my planned time schedule, I had to evaluate or audit my time usage in reference to the planned time usage (, 2002). On Monday, I achieved my time management schedule, nevertheless, in the evening during the discussion period. I realized most of us did not engage in academic work but mostly shared how we had spent our weekend.

On Tuesday, I arrived for my after class late after having a long lunch break since I had received a call from my friend that lasted for fifty minutes. Later I was able to achieve the part of my schedule. On Wednesday, all went as planned until games time when we enjoyed the game so much that we extended the games by one hour. This meant that we went for supper late and began our discussion 30 minutes late. Being mandatory to discuss for one hour, I slept late and the next day I woke up late for my personal study. On Thursday, I was able to meet my time schedule without being late just like on Friday. On Saturday, I was able to go for my medical check up on time but in the afternoon, I went to visit my friends from the neighboring college and I stayed there until nine at night. I did not watch any movie but went straight to bed. Being a very religious person, I was able o meet my Sunday schedule without being late.

I realized my time wasting was because of my friends whom I dedicated a lot of time on. In order to improve on my time management, I decided to have an alarm clock, which would always alert me. In my academic group, we also set penalties for any of us who fails to meet his/ her time schedule.

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